The Creative

Foil Stamp

The color of choice can be foil stamped on to most material surfaces.

Blind Deboss

Your logo or image can be stamped and pressed below the surface of your cover material.

Heat Burnishing

High heat and pressure, using a special heat burnishing material, will create a unique image on your menu covers.

Die Cut Window

A window allows for a fixed or a removable picture or image to be inserted into the cover to create a “picture frame” effect built right into your menu.


Printing the outside of your menu cover, leaves the limits of possibilities only to your imagination.

Screen Print

Screen print can be used on surfaces, where printing by other methods may not be possible.

Laser Etched Decal

Using modern laser technology, a computer controlled machine etches your image or logo on stainless steel plates, that can be applied to your menu covers.

Wood (Laser Engraved)

Using the same laser technology as in the laser etched decals, the laser can transfer your image to wood by burning it on to the surface of wood.

Cast decals

Two dimensional cast decals add an extra touch of class. These decals can be flush mounted with the surface of your menu covers. Available in various finishes and colors